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StoryDevs is a place for developers of visual novels, interactive fiction, and story-oriented games to find each other and collaborate. Make a profile here once registrations open so that others can find you by searching the talent database. Reserve your profile handle in the meantime.

Any questions, concerns, or feedback can be directed to:

If you'd like updates on the site's progression, Twitter and Tumblr are the right places to follow along for now. We also have a mailing list. Thanks for your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will non-artists be able to create profiles?

    Yes! Currently there's just artists because the widgets for other skill types haven't been created yet. Writers, editors, musicians, programmers, and others will all be welcome.

  • Will teams and projects be able to have their own profiles?

    Yes, but we'd like to focus on doing a really good job of profiles for individuals first.

  • Will there be a mobile version of the site?

    Yes. Since StoryDevs isn't a simple one-column design, a mobile-friendly version requires a bit more work. Nonetheless, this is a priority and we plan on having it ready for when registrations open.

  • I didn't receive a confirmation email

    We've had some trouble with the emails from our mail server mistakenly being identified as spam. Check your spam first and if it's not there contact